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[audio][TC017] Sina - One - Sina
Nueva referencia en Trescatorce - TC017- firmada por Sina. Bajo el titulo de One, Sina nos muestra en este extended play un recorrido musical en la busqueda de melodi­as emocionales sinceras y muy personales. Tiene un gran interes personal en varios instrumentos acusticos que fue empleando a lo largo del tiempo, en una experiencia en la que participo con varios grupos y proyectos. Ahora reune algunos de sus ejercicios actuales con texturas melodicas en dialogo acustico-electronico...
Keywords: Barry Gordon; Sina; One; Tres Catorce Netlabel
Downloads: 9,283
[image]All:Tag - Sina

Downloads: 373
[texts]Pel fausto giorno in cui il meritissimo arciprete d. Sante Beacco si fa canonico della cattedrale di Concordia /Leonardo Sina - Leonardo Sina

Keywords: bub_upload
Downloads: 2
[audio]Audio de prueba en Birchifa (Tanger) - Ibn Sina
Lo que vas a escuchar en este audio es una trabajo elaborado por el grupo Ibn Sina
Keywords: Ibn sina; Beni Makada; Tanger; Audio; Musica de Celia Cruz
Downloads: 16
[image]Schahr-e-Suchte - Sina Seifee
City of "Schahr-e Suchte", in Sistan and Belutschistan, Iran
Keywords: Schahr-e Suchte; Sistan and Belutschistan; Iran; ancient burnt city; Shahr-e Suchte
Downloads: 33
[movies]sina3 - sina3

Downloads: 844
[texts]sina32 - sina32

Downloads: 72
[audio]3arous chamal - Ibn sina
Groupe ibn sina 3arous chamal, reporatge sur l'intégration des jeunes dans le tissu associatif
Keywords: tanger; ong; mirall mraya; abdou
Downloads: 121
[texts]sina33 - sina33

Downloads: 43
[audio]Choupan - Sina Vodjani
Keywords: Pesma
Downloads: 46
[texts]sina31 - sina31

Downloads: 35
[audio]Dashti - Sina Vodjani
Keywords: Pesma
Downloads: 45
[texts]Addiction in Iran: The Need for Culturally and Religiously Adapted Preventive/ Recovery Programs. (Volume 2) - Hafizi, Sina
This article is from International Journal of High Risk Behaviors & Addiction, volume 2.AbstractNone
Downloads: 6
[movies]forsa_sina - forsa_sina

Keywords: forsa_sina
Downloads: 61
[movies]forsa_sina - forsa_sina

Keywords: forsa_sina
Downloads: 22
[movies]forsa_sina - forsa_sina

Keywords: forsa_sina
Downloads: 21
[movies]forsa_sina - forsa_sina

Keywords: forsa_sina
Downloads: 634
[texts]Differential Transfer Matrix Solution of Generalized Eigenvalue Problems - Sina Khorasani
We report a new analytical method for solution of a wide class of second-order differential equations with eigenvalues replaced by arbitrary functions. Such classes of problems occur frequently in Quantum Mechanics and Optics. This approach is based on the extension of the previously reported differential transfer matrix method with modified basis functions. Applications of the method to boundary value and initial value problems, as well as several examples are illustrated.
Downloads: 13
[texts] -
Downloads: 1,607
[audio]Zarathustra - Sina Vodjani
Keywords: Pesma
Downloads: 123
[texts]3youn al hikma - ibn sina
Keywords: sam
Downloads: 269
[texts]Guida del Lago d'Iseo .. - Sina, Bernardo

Downloads: 110
[audio]Ashem Vohu - Sina Vodjani
Keywords: Pesma
Downloads: 92
[texts]Verification of model of molten glass flow in a forehearth. - Pekcelen, Sina
Bibliography: p. 60
Keywords: Chemistry
Downloads: 94
[movies]sina3-rm - sina3-rm

Keywords: sina3-rm
Downloads: 2
[texts]Bone scintigraphy elucidates different metabolic stages of melorheostosis. (Volume 11) - Izadyar, Sina
This article is from The Pan African Medical Journal, volume 11.AbstractMelorheostosis is a rare benign non-hereditary sclerosing dysplasia involving the bone, often in a sclerotomal distribution. we report the case of a 27 years old lady with painful swelling of the left hand and forearm lasting for almost 15 years. The patient experienced aggravation of symptoms and limitation of motion during the past two months...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Börja Framkalla och intervju med Simon Bengtsson - Jonas Lundström Sina Farhat
Börja Framkalla och Simon Bengtsson
Keywords: analog; photo; podcast; film; framkalla
Downloads: 4
[texts]Optical Anisotropy of Schwarzschild Metric within Equivalent Medium Framework - Sina Khorasani
It is has been long known that the curved space in the presence of gravitation can be described as a non-homogeneous anisotropic medium in flat geometry with different constitutive equations. In this article, we show that the eigenpolarizations of such medium can be exactly solved, leading to a pseudo-isotropic description of curved vacuum with two refractive index eigenvalues having opposite signs, which correspond to forward and backward travel in time...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Reed Muller Sensing Matrices and the LASSO - Robert Calderbank
We construct two families of deterministic sensing matrices where the columns are obtained by exponentiating codewords in the quaternary Delsarte-Goethals code $DG(m,r)$. This method of construction results in sensing matrices with low coherence and spectral norm. The first family, which we call Delsarte-Goethals frames, are $2^m$ - dimensional tight frames with redundancy $2^{rm}$. The second family, which we call Delsarte-Goethals sieves, are obtained by subsampling the column vectors in a Del...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Analytical solution of linear ordinary differential equations by differential transfer matrix method - Sina Khorasani
We report a new analytical method for exact solution of homogeneous linear ordinary differential equations with arbitrary order and variable coefficients. The method is based on the definition of jump transfer matrices and their extension into limiting differential form. The approach reduces the $n$th-order differential equation to a system of $n$ linear differential equations with unity order. The full analytical solution is then found by the perturbation technique...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Invariant conformal geometry on Finsler manifolds - Behroz Bidabad
The electric capacity of a conductor in the 3-dimensional Euclidean space $R^3 $ is defined as a ratio of a given positive charge on the conductor to the value of potential on the surface. This definition of the capacity is independent of the given charge. The capacity of a set as a mathematical notion was defined first by N. Wiener (1924) and was developed by O. Forstman, C. J. de La Vallee Poussin, and several other French mathematicians in connection with potential theory...
Downloads: 16
[texts]Censored Truncated Sequential Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks - Sina Maleki
Reliable spectrum sensing is a key functionality of a cognitive radio network. Cooperative spectrum sensing improves the detection reliability of a cognitive radio system but also increases the system energy consumption which is a critical factor particularly for low-power wireless technologies. A censored truncated sequential spectrum sensing technique is considered as an energy-saving approach. To design the underlying sensing parameters, the maximum energy consumption per sensor is minimized ...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Generalization of Some Algebras in the Bosonic String Theory - Seyed Sina ShahidZadeh Mousavi
We assume that the total target phase space is non-commutative. This leads to the generalization of the oscillator-algebra of the string, and the corresponding Virasoso algebra. The effects of this non-commutativity on some string states will be studied.
Downloads: 13
[texts]p-Norm Flow Optimization in a Network - Sina Zahedpour
In this paper we study information flow paths in a data network, where traffic generated by servers (or sources) takes a multi-hop path in order to reach its clients (destinations). Each node in the middle of this multi-hop path should route the incoming traffic and the traffic generated by itself to the next hop in such a way that the traffic reaches its destination while avoiding congestion in the links...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Downlink Performance and Capacity of Distributed Antenna Systems - Sina Firouzabadi
This paper investigates the performance of the downlink channel in distributed antenna systems. We first establish the ergodic capacity of distributed antennas, under different channel side information (CSI) assumptions. We consider a generalized distributed antenna system with $N$ distributed ports, each of which is equipped with an array of $L$ transmit antennas and constrained by a fixed transmit power...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Downlink Performance and Capacity of Distributed Antenna Systems - Sina Firouzabadi, Andrea Goldsmith
This paper investigates the performance of the downlink channel in distributed antenna systems. We first establish the ergodic capacity of distributed antennas, under different channel side information (CSI) assumptions. We consider a generalized distributed antenna system with N distributed ports, each of which is equipped with an array of L transmit antennas and constrained by a fixed transmit power...
Downloads: 4
[collection] -

Downloads: 44,045
[audio]Mellan Skärpa och Korn Analogfotopodcast - Jonas Lundström Sina Farhat
Analog photo Podcast in Swedish
Keywords: analog; photo; podcast; film
Downloads: 291
[texts]Correlates of Immunity to Filovirus Infection. (Volume 3) - Bradfute, Steven B.
This article is from Viruses, volume 3.AbstractFiloviruses can cause severe, often fatal hemorrhagic fever in humans. Recent advances in vaccine and therapeutic drug development have provided encouraging data concerning treatment of these infections. However, relatively little is known about immune responses in fatal versus non-fatal filovirus infection. This review summarizes the published literature on correlates of immunity to filovirus infection, and highlights deficiencies in our knowledge ...
Downloads: 1
[audio]MSok-05-FramkallaSv - Jonas Lundström Sina Farhat
Börja Framkalla och Simon Bengtsson
Keywords: podcast; svenska; swedish; photography; analog
Downloads: 6
[texts]The isovolumic relaxation to early rapid filling relation: kinematic model based prediction with in vivo validation. (Volume 2) - Mossahebi, Sina
This article is from Physiological Reports, volume 2.AbstractAlthough catheterization is the gold standard, Doppler echocardiography is the preferred diastolic function (DF) characterization method. The physiology of diastole requires continuity of left ventricular pressure (LVP)‐generating forces before and after mitral valve opening (MVO). Correlations between isovolumic relaxation (IVR) indexes such as tau (time‐constant of IVR) and noninvasive, Doppler E‐wave‐derived metrics, such as...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Construction and analysis of higher order Galerkin variational integrators - Sina Ober-Blöbaum
In this work we derive and analyze variational integrators of higher order for the structure-preserving simulation of mechanical systems. The construction is based on a space of polynomials together with Gauss and Lobatto quadrature rules to approximate the relevant integrals in the variational principle. The use of higher order schemes increases the accuracy of the discrete solution and thereby decrease the computational cost while the preservation properties of the scheme are still guaranteed...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Kron Reduction of Generalized Electrical Networks - Sina Y. Caliskan
Kron reduction is used to simplify the analysis of multi-machine power systems under certain steady state assumptions that underly the usage of phasors. In this paper we show how to perform Kron reduction for a class of electrical networks without steady state assumptions. The reduced models can thus be used to analyze the transient as well as the steady state behavior of these electrical networks.
Downloads: 23
[texts]Cdc42 interacts with the exocyst complex to promote phagocytosis. (Volume 200) - Mohammadi, Sina
This article is from The Journal of Cell Biology, volume 200.AbstractInteraction of Cdc42 with the exocyst complex selectively promotes the internalization of large particles.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Timely Throughput of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: Fundamental Limits and Algorithms - Sina Lashgari
The proliferation of different wireless access technologies, together with the growing number of multi-radio wireless devices suggest that the opportunistic utilization of multiple connections at the users can be an effective solution to the phenomenal growth of traffic demand in wireless networks. In this paper we consider the downlink of a wireless network with $N$ Access Points (AP's) and $M$ clients, where each client is connected to several out-of-band AP's, and requests delay-sensitive tra...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Serum response factor modulates neuron survival during peripheral axon injury. (Volume 9) - Stern, Sina
This article is from Journal of Neuroinflammation, volume 9.AbstractBackground: The transcription factor SRF (serum response factor) mediates neuronal survival in vitro. However, data available so far suggest that SRF is largely dispensable for neuron survival during physiological brain function. Findings: Here, we demonstrate that upon neuronal injury, that is facial nerve transection, constitutively-active SRF-VP16 enhances motorneuron survival...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Shedding Light on Filovirus Infection with High-Content Imaging. (Volume 4) - Pegoraro, Gianluca
This article is from Viruses, volume 4.AbstractMicroscopy has been instrumental in the discovery and characterization of microorganisms. Major advances in high-throughput fluorescence microscopy and automated, high-content image analysis tools are paving the way to the systematic and quantitative study of the molecular properties of cellular systems, both at the population and at the single-cell level...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Assessment of Bax and Bcl-2 Immunoexpression in Patients with Oral Lichen Planus and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. (Volume 2) - Nafarzadeh, Shima
This article is from International Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, volume 2.AbstractLichen planus (LP) is a chronic inflammatory disease of probable immune-based etiology. The pathogenesis of LP is unclear, but apoptotic changes in epidermal (epithelial) cells have been reported. Destruction of the basal cell layer is observed and many changes in cell proliferation, cell repair and cell death occur in the injured mucosal epithelium...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Psychometric properties and confirmatory factor analysis of the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy. (Volume 11) - Tavakol, Sina
This article is from BMC Medical Education, volume 11.AbstractBackground: Empathy towards patients is considered to be associated with improved health outcomes. Many scales have been developed to measure empathy in health care professionals and students. The Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (JSPE) has been widely used. This study was designed to examine the psychometric properties and the theoretical structure of the JSPE...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Epidemiology of Scorpionism in Iran during 2009. (Volume 7) - Rafizadeh, Sina
This article is from Journal of Arthropod-Borne Diseases, volume 7.AbstractBackground:: Scorpion sting is a major health problem in Iran. The aim of current study was to measure the incidence rates of scorpion stings, mortality, recovery, and affected age groups. The results of treatment with and without anti venom also were considered in the entire country during 2009. Methods:: All the data were collected from emergency section of different hospitals and then were analyzed by related software...
Downloads: 1
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